Littlecombe Room Modes

April 26, 2016

Here is an easy understanding of room modes to help you through the description. This will help any artist to fully understand our space.


Live Room – Room Modes

Axial 36.105Hz 28.114Hz 77.954Hz 72.210Hz 56.229Hz 155.90Hz
108.31Hz 84.344Hz 233.86Hz 144.42Hz 112.45Hz 311.81Hz
180Hz 140.57Hz 389.77Hz 216.63Hz 168.68Hz 467.72Hz
252.73Hz 196.80Hz 545.68Hz 288.84Hz 224.91Hz 623.63Hz
324.94Hz 253.03Hz 701.59Hz
Oblique 90.393Hz 180.78Hz 271.17Hz 361.57Hz 451.96Hz 542.35Hz
632.75Hz 723.14Hz 813.53Hz
Tangential 45.760Hz 85.909Hz 82.869Hz 91.521Hz 171.81Hz 165.73Hz
137.28Hz 257.72Hz 248.60Hz 183.04Hz 343.63Hz 331.47Hz
228.80Hz 429.54Hz 414.34Hz 274.56Hz 515.45Hz 497.21Hz
320.32Hz 601.36Hz 580.08Hz 366.08Hz 687.27Hz 662.95Hz
411.84Hz 733.18Hz 745.82Hz

Vocal Booth – Room Modes

Axial 55.322Hz 90.263Hz 77.954Hz 110.64Hz 180.52Hz 155.90Hz
165.96Hz 270.78Hz 233.86Hz 221.29Hz 361.05Hz 311.81Hz
276.61Hz 451.31Hz 389.77Hz 331.93Hz 541.57Hz 467.72Hz
387.25Hz 631.84Hz 545.68Hz 442.58Hz 772.10Hz 623.63Hz
497.90Hz 812.36Hz 701.59Hz
 Oblique 131.47Hz 262.94Hz 394.41Hz 525.88Hz 657.36Hz 788.83Hz
920.30Hz 1051.7Hz 1183.2Hz
 Tangential 105.86Hz 95.590Hz 119.26Hz 211.73Hz 191.18Hz 238.53Hz
317.60Hz 286.77Hz 357.79Hz 423.47Hz 382.36Hz 477.06Hz
529.33Hz 477.95Hz 596.32Hz 635.20Hz 573.54Hz 715.59Hz
741.07Hz 669.13Hz 834.86Hz 846.94Hz 764.72Hz 954.12Hz
952.81Hz 860.31Hz 1073.3Hz

Control Room – Room Modes


 Axial 59.137Hz 53.593Hz 77.954Hz 118.27Hz 107.18Hz 155.90Hz
177.41Hz 160.78Hz 233.86Hz 236.55Hz 214.37Hz 311.81Hz
295.68Hz 267.96Hz 389.77Hz 354.82Hz 321.56Hz 467.72Hz
413.96Hz 375.15Hz 545.68Hz 473.10Hz 428.75Hz 623.63Hz
532.24Hz 482.34Hz 701.59Hz
 Oblique 111.56Hz 223.12Hz 334.69Hz 446.25Hz 557.81Hz 669.38Hz
780.94Hz 892.51Hz 1004.01Hz
 Tangential 79.809Hz 97.847Hz 94.600Hz 159.61Hz 195.69Hz 189.20Hz
239.42Hz 293.54Hz 283.80Hz 319.23Hz 391.39Hz 378.40Hz
399.04Hz 489.23Hz 473.00Hz 478.85Hz 587.08Hz 567.60Hz
558.66Hz 684.93Hz 662.20Hz 638.47Hz 782.78Hz 756.80Hz
718.28Hz 880.63Hz 851.40Hz