Our Gear

February 1, 2015

At Littlecombe Studios we strive on analogue. However digital files are what’s needed for the modern age, so we convert AD/DA with our Focusrite Saffire 56 interface. When paired with the Focusrite OctoPre Mkii it allows for seamless 28 channel digital or 16 channel analogue recording. Although we record to digital, we still mix with tape! (when it’s requested)

Our Gear:

Our Mixer Allen & Heath GL2200 32 channel, 6 aux sends, 4 audio groups, 4 stereo returns, 4 band EQ, 10 segment batgraph metering.
 MacBook Pro  2011  16GB Ram, Quad core i7, 1tb ssd.
 Focusrite  Saffire 56 & Octopre Mkii set  Saffire 56: 28 input – 28 outputs, 8 mic preamps, liquid saffire technology.

Octopre Mkii: 8 Mic preamps with ADAT connectivity – synced to saffire.

Makie Monitors  Mk5 Mkii 5 inch powered monitor speakers.
 Art  Pro-VLA II  Dual channel, Class A valve compressor
Blue Microphones  Blue Robbie  Single channel, Class A valve mic preamp
Our Microphones SE Electronics
1x SE Gemini ii
1x stereo pair SE1A
1x SE2a
1x SE Titan
1x SE x1
AKG Rhythm Pack
1 x D112
2 x C430
3 x D40And more unlisted.
 Mapex  Exotic Rock Kit (model and size) Kick, Snare, Piccalo Snare, 3 toms, Hi-Hats, Crash, Ride, Cowbells. All cymbals are Paiste. Choice between double or single kick pedal.
 Roland  hp-504  Upright electric piano with 38 voices.

Although we strive for a warm coloured sound we can also create the crisp ‘up to date’ sound that is expected from modern digital recordings.

By bypassing our valve hardware compressor and parametric EQ’s we can create a very clear ‘untreated’ sound by keeping the signal path very minimal and using digital effects. We can also mix and master to these expected results by using our digital suite.

Our Digital Suite:

Izotope RX4 Advanced
Nectar Vocal Suite
Nectar Pitch Control
Iris 2
FabFilter FabFilter Full collection
CrySonic CrySonic Full collection
Waves Waves Full collection
PsP Audioware PsP MixPack & StereoPack Suite